January 2021 Newsletter

In this issue, we check out the Ryan Designer Homes Build Scandi Barn Hous and Land Package as well as the previous builds we have done, now on the market.  Check out what is happening on the coast, design highlights and much more. View the Newsletter

2018 Bloomhill Charity & Auction Booklet

2018 Bloomhill Charity Auction. Ryan Designer Homes are proud sponsors of the Bloomhill Cancer Centre. They have brought together some of the Sunshine Coast’s most experienced and respected trades to create this amazing Bathroom Renovation package for the Bloomhill Charity Auction, 12 October 2018. READ MORE

A business built on PASSION, PRIDE & PEOPLE


Pat & Petrina Ryan don’t just build houses. They build dreams, aspirations, memories and relationships. In short, they build real homes. While Ryan Designer Homes has won more than 40 prestigious awards for their work to date, that’s not what drives them. And despite demand for their expertise, they don’t plan on changing their philosophy […]

Knowing what questions to ask eliminates stress and frustration

Ask the right questions to get the right answers and have confidence in choosing the right builder for you. If you have never built before, the process can be quite daunting, so how do you know the right questions to ask to help eliminate stress and frustration? READ MORE

Solar Products for Homes

Solar Products for Homes Harnessing solar energy for heating hot water has been accepted for many years and more recently for generating electricity for the home. READ MORE

Sunshine Coast University Hospital Project Overview


If you are considering relocating to the Sunshine Coast due to the exciting “Health boom” happening on the coast, please find attached an informative presentation collated by Exemplar Health and Qld Government:

Queensland New Home Construction FAQs

Queensland New Home Construction FAQs

Residential building is under the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991 (QBCC) which establishes the contractual relationship between builder and client. The legislation sets out the requirements around licensing and the scope of works that can be undertaken by the builder. READ MORE