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Pat and Petrina Ryan are the family company’s founders. Pat is a registered and very experienced builder and is well known with the industry for his commitment to high quality standards and clever, fluid bespoke design. Pat has managed and worked with building companies in England, the USA, New Zealand and Australia, so you can rest assured you will have expert and personalised support at every stage of your construction. Pat is currently Chairman of the Sunshine Coast/Wide Bay Housing Industry Association committee and representative on the Regional Executive committee and President of QLD HIA.

Petrina has worked in the industry alongside Pat for over 20 years. Initially starting out by purchasing a floundering franchise operation in New Zealand in 1997 and turning it around to become one of the top building companies in Rotorua. In Australia she was awarded the Master Builders Sunshine Coast Women in Building award and served on the Master Builders committee for the Sunshine Coast region.

Professional organisations within the building industry present awards of recognition annually, based on critical aspects such as delivery of a high quality of workmanship, energy and environmental considerations, visual appearance, and marrying design with innovative construction processes.

Ryan Designer Homes is the proud recipient of numerous professional building awards throughout the years.

Our Team

Pat Ryan - Managing Director

At the age of four, Pat knew he wanted to be a builder. Founder of the family business, Pat is a qualified registered builder and very well known within the industry for his experience and commitment to high quality standards and clever design.

Pat has managed and worked in building companies, in commercial, multi-unit developments and residential markets in England, USA, New Zealand and Australia. Pat started out with his own commercial business at the age of 22 and at 32 branched into the residential market. His knowledge is comprehensive and unquestionable with five National House industry Awards judged by his peers.

Pat is currently Queensland President of the Housing Industry Association Executive committee.

Away from business, Pat has a focal passion for rugby, Water and snow skiing and tackling Mt Coolum.

Petrina Ryan - Sales Manager

Originally started out in Hospitality and Public Relation industry, Petrina switched over to supporting Pat in the building industry and in 1979 the opportunity arose to purchase a floundering building franchise operation in New Zealand and turning it around to become one of the top building companies in Rotorua.

In Australia, she has assisted Pat in setting up company systems and manages sales for Ryan Designer Homes. She has been awarded the Master Builders Sunshine Coast Women in Building award and served on the Master Builders committee for the Sunshine Coast region for four years.

Part of the Ryan Designer Homes secret to success is rooted in Petrina’s all-consuming love of and fascination with architecture: holidays away are punctuated by impromptu visits to building sites; new sub-divisions draw the attention even while taking an evening stroll and restaurant and hotel fixtures fuel the creative process of crafting additions or features for a new home project.

Marshalling designers, and team members to focus their collective efforts on ensuring the clients individuality, mood and preferred style shines through is where Petrina excels. It’s an all-consuming passion and Ryan Designer Homes clients have been the grateful beneficiaries.

In Petrinas down time you will find her walking the beach, snow and water skiing or enjoying her Pilates classes.

Peter Dransfield - Building Supervisor

Peter Dransfield brings focus, passion and vital experience to each of our clients’ building projects. No matter whether your dream is building an extension or luxury home to suit your family, you can be sure you’ll receive the same commitment from Peter and all the benefits that makes your building experience an easy process.
Although gaining much of his experience in NSW, Peter has worked for many years all around Australia, and New Zealand before realising that Queensland was the place for him (can you blame him?). Now a vital cog in the Ryan Designer Homes team, we feel pretty lucky that he chose the Sunshine Coast and our company.

Petes passion is surfing, so don’t be surprised to get the early morning text.

Dianne Crouch - Office Administrator

Having worked in radio with 2SM and 2UW, Dianne Crouch knows the importance of personality and connection, that’s why she’s in the engine room of what makes Ryan Designer Homes a special business. While many see administrative tasks and account management as simply day-to-day work, it’s her attention to detail and passion for client service that makes her a vital part of our team.

“I’m no architect, but I know great design when I see it, usually by the faces of our delighted clients!”
-Dianne Crouch, behind-the-scenes, but still smiling

Whether the people, the briefs or the designs, it’s the diversity of working at Ryan Designer Homes that Dianne appreciates most. She takes a keen interest in each client and makes sure that the behind-the-scenes challenges of designing and building a home are covered – every day.

When not in the office, you can find Dianne on her farm near Noosa, appreciating all that nature has to offer or rowing her way around the river and into Masters Rowing championships.

Ken Nethercoat - Building Supervisor

As our building supervisor, Ken Nethercoat has the vision to control the overall building process, as well as focus to address even the smallest detail of our projects. With 40 years of experience in the field, it’s hardly surprising that Ken’s influence is often the difference between a good and a great home!

“I love being at the heart of the building process and seeing how our team here bring our clients’ dreams to life – it’s great stuff!” – Ken Nethercoat, bringing real passion to building from start to finish

Ken’s first job was in landscaping at the age of 15, where he learned to appreciate how to bring a vision and design to life in the eyes of clients. Now he applies that same thinking and attention to detail to everything he does for the clients of Ryan Designer Homes.

Away from building, Ken’s other passion is deep-sea fishing, where he loves the challenge of catching a fish as much as landing the big ones!

Garry Bowles - Estimator

With over 30 years in the Construction business, you won’t find a more knowledgeable Estimator/ Project Manager on the Coast than Garry Bowles. Inspired by the work we do, Garry chose to add his experience to the Ryan Designer Homes team, meaning that each and every one of our clients benefits from his expertise.

“As a qualified Estimator, you need to be passionate about even the smallest detail, knowing that each one contributes towards making something very special for a client.”
-Garry Bowles, casting an eye of experience over the details

Now he has been with us for over 2 years and he is valued as much by Ryan Designer Homes as he is by our clients and when you work with him, you’ll find out why.

Away from the office, Garry makes time to be with his family, and has a passion for fishing and rugby.

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