Extensive Renovation

Extensive Renovation

2012 Sunshine Coast Home of the Year

Whilst the unfinished home was started in 2004 and sold twice this home was never fitted out. The new owners chose Ryan Designer Homes to complete the home. Their brief was to implement an updated theme and style to achieve a functional and practical outcome without compromising the positive aspects of the existing structure and most importantly remain on budget. The clients wanted a modern 2012 presence and the use of natural materials to further enhance the home.  The timber exterior joinery was warping and not closing, glazing was missing leaving the home exposed to the elements. The ponds in the home were leaking and green which generated extensive mould on plasterboard surfaces and a couple of toads had taken up residency. READ ARTICLE HINTERNOOSA BUILDERS

Extensive Renovation

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To assist you in the process of building we have collated a 6 step outline that helps you see the path were you are, to walking through the doors and enjoying life in your new home.

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